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Image by Katie Harp


To The Community

Going inside the public school system whether its elementary, middle, or high school can be challenging sometimes. Seeing this firsthand daily, educators opening the door of their classroom bright and early in the morning with the same smile on their face throughout the week. While the buses are unloading children at the bus loop, the educators scatter to their assigned morning duty to greet each child passing by. Educators would stand at their doorway or duty location greeting each child with good morning but depending on each child mood differs on the response back.


Thirty percent of children come to school weekly who ate breakfast at home entering school prepared for the day, twenty five percent are hungry rushing to grab food from breakfast station, twenty percent seem upset from a previous situation that happened before school, fifteen percent don’t have book bags and seem unbothered, while five percent may have the same clothing on from the day before along with feeling no love. Because children enter the school each day this way makes it very hard for educators to remain smiling while trying to teach, discipline appropriately, and ensuring that all children understand the assignment. While eighty percent of parents are headed or rushing to work without realizing what happens at home play a significant role in their child learning develop.

As Educators huddle in their classroom with assigned students more incidents happen. Thirty percent of students submit completed homework assignments while seeming prepared for test or quizzes, forty percent have incomplete homework assignments with only knowing partial of information because they did not study, and the remainder did not study or do homework due to not being able to receive help from parents because they are working late or don’t understand the material.

As a parent, building relationships between the teacher, assisting children afterschool, and trying to handle adult responsibilities, especially during covid era, has become very challenging within the home. Most students have been spending more time within their home and community connecting them more to their environment, social media, and mimicking negative role models while their parents stress levels increased from working, keeping the family healthy  By the students adapting to what’s happening now has taken their mind away from their educational interest!



That’s when I realized bringing hands on learning experiences to the community needed to happen! The Empowered Lounge is needed in the community to empower families. By empowering the parents will cause their children to become empowered! Our shows is offered to families resulting in a 100% chance that five out of ten families will be successful from our shows and events!

Bringing Hands-On Learning Experiences

Image by Katie Harp
Image by Katie Harp



Image by Katie Harp

Ebony Shannell


Ebony Shannell obtained an Associates in Early Education from Tidewater Community College (2013), B.A Degree in Psychology from American Public University (2019), Licensed in Qualified Mental Health Professional in Child /Adult (2019),  a Master’s Degree in Education with a certificate in Instructional Learning (present). Ebony held positions with Early Discoveries, Head Start, Virginia Beach Public Schools and recently transferred to Norfolk Public Schools because she felt in her spirit the children needed more help and guidance within the city of Norfolk.

Ebony Shannell is a great leader that possess clear focus, vision, courage, high integrity, honesty, and her heart is full of humbleness.

Her leadership with The Empowered Lounge is blended of personal humility and an unparalleled will to lead others in service of a cause bigger than herself. Ebony is a phenomenal leader that is incredibly ambitious, but never for self-gain but she is very ambitious for the company and possess the will do whatever is necessary in service of this greater cause.


“My passion will always be to help strengthen and change lives for the greater within the community, men, women, children, and all families while they reach their goals, gain self-worth and honor their purpose,” exclaimed Ebony Shannell.


Words Of Ebony Shannell

"The first step I took was finding myself! Even though I knew I was multi-talented with gifts, my placement with GOD was not a full relationship so I could not utilize my gifts in the right way. Three shifts happened: I built my relationship with GOD, the vision was given allowing me to stay the course through the rejection and being hurt, and GOD allowed it to be released!"


Image by Katie Harp
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