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Did You Know?

Based on the number in our community of children failing due to negative influences, if the parents of the home gain understanding that an enriching and stimulating home environment fosters healthy growth in brain development within our children then this law will continue to change the future for success in school readiness!

In order for the state of Virginia law “No Child Left Behind” to become successful again the home must be impacted in a positive way.

If the Family unit of the home grow their mindset it will shift the dynamics and create healthier homes so the children within the family combined with their environment will have a chance to gain confidence, reset their minds to make better choices and open doors for successful opportunities that will allow mastering in new skills

Get Involved!

Hands Up

Get Connected

Get Connected to the growth of your child while in the program! You will be able to meet other parents while building a safe rapport, sharing positive ideas, experiences, and gain confidence while making a change within your home and community.

By volunteering with us, you will be putting your hobbies and skills to use for a noble cause which is  foor your family and community

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Happy Childhood

Witness Improvement

By getting involved within the Parent Involvement Association you will become a active part of the solution while helping make positive changes. Parents play a important role by supporting building improvements through advocacy and play an important role in fundraising for programs and social events.

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Couple with Kids

Be A Role Model

By volunteering your time for a great cause will display to your family and community how important education and their interest are to you.

By doing so, this will increase positive behavior, grades, good choices, and a chance for your family to excel in their hidden gifts.

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Youth Organization 1


Not only will you gain positive results for your home, parent leadership will transform into professional development! 

Increase your impact and connections by taking your parent leadership to the next level! The Empowered Lounge Foundation will support you, family, and the P.I.A. team through every step whether in person, mobile and digital learning experiences, as well as mentors who become your champions forever!

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Why Should You

Research shows that children with involved parents participating in their interest causes them to become more successful



Happy Family

Families connected to our programs are equal partners in decisions that affect your children. When families come together the dynamics of the community begin to shift informing, influencing, creating safe practices for the youth.

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Yoga Session

 Recent research states that growing the mind while resetting have great benefits including being comfortable with taking better risk, striving for more stretching goals, higher motivation, enhanced brain development, lower emotional stress, lower depression rates, less anxiety, better social relationships along with higher levels in their performance.

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When parents identify their emotional and social awareness it will help identify the needs within themselves. By doing so, this will help build better relationships, being able to express feelings while avoiding conflict and preventing confliction between the family, including the children.

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When the parent/s of the home struggle to manage their response to their feelings, the home becomes overwhelmed and create difficulties along with setbacks to family goals.

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Increase Of

With your help in continuously collaborating the youth in our program, healthy learning and development will increase success within the home, school and in The Empowered Lounge Foundation.


Empower The


Families empower the community when parents become an advocate for in-home children as well as out-of-home children ensuring the youth is treated fairly and have access to grow in new opportunities supporting their interest and success.





Research shows that children with involved parents participating in their interest causes them to become more successful


Uniting Families


Families connected to our programs are equal partners in decisions that affect your children. When families come together the dynamics of the community begin to shift informing, influencing, creating safe practices for the youth.

Healthy Family Eating Tips:

Healthy eating is a great way to help decrease hunger, disease, and off balanced meals. 

  • Fruits and vegetables are good for you and also help to fill you up so you won’t feel hungry. If you fill up your plate with fruits and veggies, you probably won’t need vitamin pills, you’ll have fewer hunger pangs, and you will train your taste buds to crave fewer sweet and salty foods. 

  • Eat less “white” rice, pasta, and bread.  Choose whole grain products instead.  At least half of the grains your family eats each day should be whole grains-including whole wheat bread, whole grain pasta, and brown rice. 

  • Even if your family loves dessert, you can drastically reduce sugar consumption by switching to 100% juice, different flavored iced teas (it’s usually better for you to brew and sweeten them yourself), and water instead of sugary sodas, punch, or sports drinks.  Some coffee drinks that appeal to our sweet tooth have all the calories of a meal and none of the nutrients. 

  •  If overeating is a problem for your family, consider using smaller plates and bowls.  Family style eating-which  keeps extra food on the table for everyone to help themselves-is less work for parents but almost always results in everyone eating much more.  If you just serve everyone a single portion, they will eat less. Keep second helpings small and let kids know that if they want a second helping of meat or grains, they must have a second helping of the vegetables as well. 

  • If everyone in the family eats at regular times and snacks are available only when meals are far apart, you’ll be surprised by how that will affect everyone’s weight.  Regular mealtimes help people avoid overeating. Once you start eating, it’s hard to stop, so try to stick to only 3 meals and no more than one snack each day. And, it’s trite but true: starting the day with a nutritious breakfast is important for doing your best all day.

Oatmeal with Berries


An easy and  nutritious breakfast can include cereal with yogurt or milk, and don’t forget fruit juice or fruit

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Roasted Pear Sandwich with Baby Spinach Sandwiches are a great option for packing lunch, but you need to keep things interesting and healthy.

Meal in One Plate


Ground Turkey Enchilada Stir-Fry with Couscous meshes togethers the fresh flavors of butternut squash, broccoli, black beans and salsa with the richness of whole wheat couscous and a premade enchilada sauce. Serve with a garnish of cilantro, fresh lime juice, diced avocado and a bit of shredded cheese for maximum enchilada feels.

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