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The Gap

The Empowered Lounge is taking education to another level through live shows that transform Science, Math, Art, and Math into a creative experience that will cultivate students’ minds helping them excel through hands-on learning!


The Brainiac Educator Education, Psychology, Associates in Childhood Education

The Brainiac Educator, a Virginia licensed teacher
specializing in Education and Psychology, is a character that create live shows aligning to Virginia Department of Education Science standards in an engaging way for students to learn outside of the classroom.

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Lives Shows


Live Show Featuring The Brainiac Educator

  • Include Staff


Creating Hands On Activity: 1 hour

  • Students will be divided into small groups by wristband colors. Students will complete hands on activity with peers.

  • Teachers will gain instructional engagement learning methods by participating and support students when assisting with activities. 

  • Data will be collected before, during, and after with the use of graphs, charts, and maps.

  •  All materials are included.

Testing Experiment: 30 minutes

  • Students will be able to test their experiences with staff and teachers.


Total Hours

2.30 hours

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